Proposed Virtual Commissioning of Robotic Cells based on the context of Industry 4.0
Rogerio Adas Pereira ,



Rogerio Adas Pereira




Published on

Jul 11, 2020


The objective of this research is to develop a methodology that makes use of the Digital Twin calibration and virtual commissioning to digitally validate robotic mechatronic cells, and minimize the time of installation and implementation of the project on the “factory floor” in the context of Industry 4.0. The project is based on a proposed approach to combine 3D depth data - measured by means of accurate CAD models and by CAE - so that it is possible to calibrate the data obtained from the Digital Twin through virtual commissioning before being transferred of virtual to the system real physical. The methodology will be based on innovative procedures for: (i) calibration of the Digital Twin; (ii) optimization of the factory layout; (iii) elimination of the possibility of collision between robots, grippers and devices, (iv) specification of the necessary interlocks involving the exchange of signals, operation logic and generation of all the specific offline programming of each industrial robot, considering the safety of the equipment of the robotic cell, during the processes. We intend to research, investigate and integrate a solution (figure 1) with commercial software from Siemens Digital Industries Software (formerly SIEMENS PLM) called “Tecnomatix Process Simulate” so that it is possible to test: the quality of the solutions and algorithms surveyed; computational complexity and adequate dimensioning of the necessary automation resources.


Digital Twin, Virtual Commissioning, Tecnomatix Process Simulate, Factory Floor, Robotic Engineering.



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Proposed Virtual Commissioning of Robotic Cells based on the context of Industry 4.0
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